Setting Up the Frame for Your Product Photography

You might have the lighting right, understand all the settings and have the most beautiful models displaying your products but if your frame isn’t set up properly you could be distracting your viewers away from your products. Setting up your frame to showcase your products in the best light can help you increase sales and get more attention. When setting up the frame of your product photography keep this simple tips in mind.

1. Background.

Choosing the right background can make all the difference. As a general rule, and the safest bet it to use a white, seamless backdrop also know as a white sweep. White acts as a light reflector and it doesn’t clash with any other color. For jewelry, it is especially important to shoot against a white backdrop because any other color background will reflect backĀ onto the pieces.

For food photography, a colored or patterned background works well too, especially when trying to set the mood around the product. When using a pattern background you want to make sure it compliments your product and doesn’t distract your viewers away from it. In the image below, the textured linen background goes well with the green plate and makes the food pop a bit. It looks rustic and elegant.


2. Show your product in use.

You want to give your buyers an idea of what it would be like for them to use or wear your product and the best way to do this is to shoot your product ‘in use’. This not only allows your customers to see what it would be like for them to own your product but all gives them a better idea of the scale or size of your product.

Get creative to really make your product stand out from the rest. For example, the below image could have been shot without the coffee beans but it makes the image more interesting and yet, highlights the cup. This type of an image is great to feature on the homepage or in an email with a headline and CTA button (call to action) like a link to a category page or product page.


3. Take Close ups of the finer details.

When it comes to selling online you want to give your potential buyers a variety of angles of your product. Shoot from every side, from above, from below, and get close-ups of the fine details of your product. You’ll want to show the different textures of your product and the smaller details that can be overlooked when just see the product at a distance. The below image shows the detail pattern on the sole of the shoe as well as the grain on the leather.


4. Be Consistent.

Keeping the elements in your images, like the background, consistent through all your images will give your online store a more cohesive feel. If your images are all different, it might end up looking unprofessional, which can impact your conversion.

What do you think about before starting to photograph your items?

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